Admission Process

We are proud of our program and the treatment we provide and welcome any questions you may have as you begin searching for a treatment center. Admission specialists are available daily to provide information about Brookhaven Retreat, as well as specific information about the focus and approach of our programs.

All calls are kept confidential and an admission specialist may ask several questions about the kind of treatment you or your loved one may need, as well as some background information.

We can discuss placement availability and other assistance such as transportation arrangements or other specific services.

Brookhaven Retreat is a fully accredited and licensed in four distinct areas of expertise:

  • Mental Health Crisis Stabilization Unit license
  • Mental Health Adult Residential Treatment License
  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse Residential Detoxification Treatment License
  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Treatment License

Brookhaven Retreat is a certified dual-diagnosis center for depression, mental health conditions, emotional trauma and addiction as well as a licensed detoxification facility offering female-specific treatment.

A private pay treatment center, Brookhaven Retreat is not contracted with any insurance companies. Costs associated with care are the responsibility of the client. While we will provide you full documentation of all care, Brookhaven Retreat is not responsible for filing insurance claims or your insurance company's final decisions regarding reimbursement.

For more information and to begin the road to recovery, call 1-877-817-3422 today.

Each woman who comes to Brookhaven Retreat receives a customized, unique plan tailored especially for her recovery needs. The majority of the services you may need are offered on-site at no additional cost, but please discuss personalized treatments options with your client liaison.

While each client's daily schedule may vary, typical activities at Brookhaven Retreat may include:

Daily Schedule

Meditation/Prayer Group

This time provides an opportunity to start the day off without chaos or confusion. In addition, silent meditation and/or prayer encourages clients to stop, process, and let go when faced with chaos and confusion.

Morning Goals Group

This occurs with a core team and close-care providers and helps identify specific, objective, and measurable goals, as wall as evaluating progress towards daily goals.

Community Meeting

This meeting addresses community concerns, requests, or needs to be discussed with the Brookhaven Retreat director.

Process Group

Group therapy works through interpersonal, relational, and social struggles; develops communication and relationship skills; creates a shared identity and allegiance among peers as well as a community of concern/understanding; and fosters appropriate attitudes and behaviors.

Therapeutic Assignments

Assignments are given by a licensed therapist on a regular basis and address specific needs identified in the treatment plan goals. Therapeutic assignments help define alternative needs while practicing new behaviors.


Journaling promotes private self-regulation and self-awareness and is suggested daily to allow clients to begin to identify their feelings, express them ,and resolve them privately.

Specialty Groups

Designed to help prepare and assist clients in being able to understand and deal with the lifelong journey of recovery, specialty groups cover a wide range of topics and activities.

Individual Therapy

During this time, clients are able to discuss anything and everything that is on their mind. It is a time to embrace individual development and exploration with a licensed primary therapist.

Family Therapy

During family therapy, clients and their loved ones examine how addiction has come between their relationships.

Spirituality Group

On the weekends, clients can participate in spirituality groups, which may help them find comfort and peace when certain aspects of their lives are out of control.


These activities provide alternative expressions of feelings, healthy leisure activity, relaxation, and memory recall. The games assist in memory recall, goal directed thinking, and leisure buildings skill. Clients are encouraged to identify leisure activities that they will continue as a means of healthy living upon discharge.