Family Info

Communicating with your loved one:

  • Please give them our contact information:
    • Brookhaven Retreat
      1016 I.C King Road
      Seymour, TN 37865
    • 1-877-817-3422 or (865) 573-3656
    • Fax (865) 609-6216
  • Remind your loved ones about HIPAA confidentiality when they come to visit or call to inquire how you are doing.
  • Notify them of the ability to e-mail you through our website and contact us.
  • When your loved one leaves you a message, the message will be posted on the communication board outside the clinical administrators office.
  • Flowers, gifts, cards and letter will be delivered to you daily.
    • Please ask them to talk with your primary therapist if they are wanting to send gifts or flowers.

Family Visitation Guidelines:

We know how important your family member is to each and every one of you. The purpose of family visitation is to have a pleasant experience with your loved ones. We encourage you to save your issues and concerns for your scheduled family therapy sessions with the primary therapist.

To assure safety during visitation we ask you to follow the following:

  • Approved items only
    • Please e-mail your loved one's therapist prior to bringing items.
  • If bringing flower arrangements, please have them in a plastic vase.
  • Guidelines for young children:
    • Unfortunately staff and other patients are unable to watch children, so please make sure to have supervision during visitation.
  • Please visit with your loved ones in the community areas only.
    • No visitors are allowed in the Bear Room alone.
    • Visitors are allowed to view loved ones rooms with supervision from staff.
  • There are board games available for visitation with your loved ones on the weekends when requested.
  • Please leave your pets at home.