Mental Health Recovery for Women

Brookhaven Retreat is a unique voluntary residential mental health treatment facility specially designed to help women improve their mental health, overcome depression, emotional trauma, addiction challenges and other issues.

So often, stigma and more stigma stops women from addressing mental health problems. The fear that we are less than a woman, a mother, and a daughter because we are depressed, traumatized, anxious or unable to concentrate is a huge road block to discussing and seeking help.

Emotional distress can be reflected in ways that are difficult to understand and that may be difficult to manage safely. A troubled woman may hide the intensity of her emotional pain or sadness until the problem becomes so severe that she is unable to function in her daily life or so overwhelming that she tries to harm herself or others.

Some "red flag" behaviors that may signal severe emotional distress and the need for professional help include:

The source of her emotional distress may not be clear to the woman who is experiencing it or to those who care about her, but the need to find a safe environment for recovery is clear. If you or someone you love is experiencing severe emotional distress or demonstrates any of the above behaviors, please contact us at Brookhaven Retreat to start the process of getting help.

Mental Health Recovery
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