Me? Addicted?

Below is a list of the things you should ask yourself to find out if you may have a problem with drugs or alcohol. Please answer the questions honestly and truthfully.

  1. Is a family member, friend, co-worker or doctor hinting or even telling you that they think there is a problem?

  2. Are your family or friends saying they wish you could be the way you used to be?

  3. Have you decided to stop using alcohol or drugs just to find you've started again?

  4. Do you become annoyed or irritated when others broach the subject with you?

  5. Have you ever hidden drugs or alcohol?

  6. Do you have a secret emergency supply of alcohol or drugs?

  7. Have you ever driven under the influence of alcohol or drugs?

  8. Have you ever blacked out while using?

  9. Have you ever been on a drug or alcohol binge?

  10. Have you changed doctors to maintain your prescription supply?

  11. Have you received the same prescription from two or more doctors at the same time?

  12. Have you been "pharmacy shopping" to get the amount of drugs you need?

  13. Have you ever been turned down for a refill?

  14. Have you ever forged a prescription?

  15. Have you ever endangered yourself by buying drugs off the street?

  16. Have you ever sold favors for drugs?

  17. Have you ever not been able to remember how you got home?

  18. Have you felt great remorse over anything you have done while under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

  19. Have you told yourself repeatedly this is the last time?

  20. Do you cancel or just not turn up for appointments and meetings when using?

  21. Have others commented about your change of personality?

  22. Have you been embarrassed by your behavior when under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

  23. Have your children ever asked what is wrong with you?

  24. Has anybody cut off a relationship with you because of the behavior associated with your drug or alcohol use?

  25. Have you ever lost a job because of your inability to perform?

  26. Have you ever lost things and don't know what happened to them?

  27. Do you ever hide your drinking?

  28. Do you lie about your alcohol consumption and drug use?

  29. Do you refuse to discuss your drug or alcohol use?

  30. Will you be professionally threatened if you reveal your drug or alcohol use?

  31. Do you ever feel great shame over your use?

  32. Is your use increasing?

  33. Is your tolerance increasing?

  34. Is your secret despair increasing?

  35. Do you find it impossible to stop for any prolonged period of time?