Always wear your Poncho: A 30 piece life re-alignment program leading to a sustaining discharge

Like the clothing that bears its name, you’ll find this Poncho will also insulate and protect you from many of the elements with which life can challenge you.

We are confident that like many other women, you will find in this Poncho a map to recovery. That is why we call it a life re-alignment program. It was designed specifically for women to address the many aspects of life that are affected by substance abuse, addictive behaviors or emotional challenges to mental health.

When you think about it, life is very much like a puzzle; it is made up of many pieces, and each one must be whole and fit with the others to make a complete picture.

Poncho works in much the same way. First you will look carefully at the individual pieces of your life: your job, your home, your friends, your family, and so forth. Then you will make small but deliberate adjustments and plans for healthy change. Soon, you will find that your whole life is becoming more manageable, more successful, and more secure.

  1. Medical
  2. Legal
  3. Marriage & Family
  4. Finances
  5. Budget
  6. Housing & Safety
  7. Friends
  8. Self Care
  9. Hobbies
  10. Transportation
  11. Communication
  12. Travel
  13. Pets
  14. Giving Back
  15. Spirituality
  1. Employment
  2. Training & Education
  3. Managing Change
  4. Values/Beliefs
  5. Needs/Wants
  6. Routines
  7. Responsibility
  8. Sexuality
  9. Decision-Making
  10. Networks
  11. Attitudes
  12. Daily Living
  13. Group Activities
  14. Relocating
  15. Work Stress