Programs and Therapies: Holistic Approach

By focusing on the relational, social, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of each woman who comes through our doors, we help treat the whole person, not just the addiction. Brookhaven Retreat's non-locked, voluntary environment allows therapists and staff to use more comprehensive activities to help women enjoy life without dependency.

While using drugs or alcohol, many clients neglect their normal preventative exams and treatments. During addiction, natural senses are dulled by the highs of the use and the lows of cravings. Clients must relearn how to relate to their senses as they actually are. A medical staff is on call to check a wide range of sensory and medical needs to help ensure that there are no underlying medical causes for the sensory deprivation.

  • Chiropractor
    During substance abuse, many clients have fallen, bumped and bruised their bodies while not even being aware of the pain. Dr. Danny Giammo performs a chiropractic assessment to check the lineament of the spine and to set up a program of stretching during treatment if needed.
  • Acupuncturist
    A detox-specific acupuncture treatment is available for clients of Brookhaven Retreat. Shoba satya is a licensed acupuncturist and uses the ancient Chinese medicine to bring balance to the body's energy. In addition to detox-specific treatment, a pain management treatment is also available for those who began their substance abuse in response to pain.
  • Gynecologist
    During substance abuse, many women have not had a routine gynecological exam in a number of years and others may miss or have erratic periods. A gynecological exam helps rule out any underlying medical cause, allowing for appropriate diagnosis and treatment.
  • Dentist
    Dental treatment is also often neglected during substance abuse and some types of drugs may cause extensive damage to teeth and gums. Additionally, dental exams are a common place to get a prescription when in recovery. A dental exam upon arrival ensures that any treatment needed for dental problems can be taken care of immediately, and eliminating another reason to need to see any doctor with a prescription pad within the first six months of leaving the program.
  • Optician
    Because of the amount of reading, written work and outdoor activities, clients are given a routine eye exam to ensure they can see adequately to perform all tasks needed during the program.