Programs and Therapies: Moral Reconation Therapy

Brookhaven Retreat utilities a variety of therapy programs to treat a wide range of addictions and is more comprehensive than most conventional facilities. Because of the non-locked, voluntary environment, Brookhaven therapists and doctors are able to use recreational therapy to aid in the road to recovery and help clients learn to enjoy life without dependency.

Moral Reconation Therapy
Developed in 1985, Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) was one of the first comprehensive, systematic attempts to treat substance abusers from a purely cognitive behavioral perspective. MRT is designed to promote self-image and identity and to help clients learn positive social behaviors and beliefs to strengthen decision-making skills. MRT works by re-educating on a social and behavioral level to instill responsible goals, motivation and values. MRT focuses on seven basic treatment issues including:

  • confrontation of beliefs,
  • attitudes and behaviors,
  • assessment of current relationships,
  • reinforcement of positive behavior and habits,
  • positive identity formation: enhancement of self-concept,
  • decrease in hedonism and development of frustration tolerance,
  • and development of higher stages of moral reasoning.