Brookhaven's atmosphere is more conducive for rebuilding self esteem and confidence.

The issues facing women today such as domestic violence, earning less in the workplace, sexual vulnerability, and the difficulty in obtaining ownership of their own home are addressed and planned for in great detail. Women have the immense responsibility as the primary caregiver of children and the risks and dangers of parenting under the influence are specifically addressed in their application. Many parents, husbands and partners feel a greater safety with their loved ones in a gender specific facility while employers want gender specific issues that have arisen in the workplace to be addressed during treatment.

Women with either a sexual trauma, sexual addiction or sexual harassment history have a requirement to be clinically treated only by female professionals. We have found that many times women who have failed in other co-ed treatment centers feel as if they would have greater success in a gender specific program and facility. In addition to this, our wellness program is specific to female needs such as a routine PAP Smear, breast check, or pregnancy testing. Outdoor activities are specifically geared to a females body strength.