Equine Assisted Therapy

We have our own four horses, located in the 48-acre grounds at Brookhaven. They are all Tennessee Walkers.

When you are not in therapy with the horses, we have many clients who love to walk down to the horse fields and commune with the horses, sometimes feeding them nourishing tidbits. The feeling of unconditional love sent out by these creatures creates an ability for some clients to feel loved when they had felt unlovable.

The gentle therapeutic nature of these trained horses engenders the beauty of peaceful relationship with yourself.

For numerous clients, early morning alone-time spent talking with the horses has been very helpful.

Many just enjoy the activity of working in the stable to help release pent up anger.

At Brookhaven, we choose to have our horses on site 24/7. We do not feel horses brought to visit for a few hours each week or a trip to the local stable can possibly fill the needs our clients have.

Equine and Outdoor Therapies