We understand that the nature of addiction is unique, often taking everything from the victim both materially and emotionally. We also understand itís a condition from which recovery begins with what is often the hardest step - asking for help.

Every individual that walks through our doors receives a unique formula designed to address the areas that need the most attention. While the basis of the program is clinically proven and research-based, we incorporate a variety of recreational therapy components such as hiking, gardening, arts and crafts, sports, and more to help women learn to enjoy life again.

Brookhaven Retreat offers treatment for a variety of dependencies and addictions including:

  • Alcohol dependency
  • Prescription dependency
  • Under/over medicating
  • Recreational drugs
  • Intravenous drugs
  • Addictive behaviors
    • Exercise
    • Shopping
    • Sexual addiction
    • Internet addictions

Brookhaven retreat offers treatment for those that have mood depressive trauma emotional and mental health conditions that can being exacerbated by behavioral issues.

  • Post abortion trauma
  • Domestic violence trauma
  • Post partum stress