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Comprehensive Aftercare

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The PONCHO program is a very comprehensive discharge and after care program that deals with the 30 segments of life. We look at every single one of them, from legal, family relationships, housing, nourishment, recreation, travel, pets, the list goes on; of each aspect of the person's life and how it's going to be managed without chaos after their discharge.

In order to support them with their discharge plan, we have an alumni, we also have a re-meet every Monday evening so all our clients that have graduated can come back here, meet with their friends, meet with the people they know, to the sanctuary of safety again. Some clients won't be prepared to go home at the completion of the program, so we're just preparing transitional living where our clients can live within a safe environment until some of the outstanding issues at home have been settled and we know that also will represent a safe environment for them in the future.