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Pregnancy Issues

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Childbearing is one of the greatest gifts awarded to a woman. To become pregnant and to carry a child for those nine months is one of the most beautiful times of life. If however this happens to you during a time when you are in substance use and abuse, it can become the most horrific experience for you.

Our program is specifically designed for women that are having pregnancy and want to insure the health of their child and to get themselves into a better frame of parenting. This requires very specific therapy and very specific medical care. And we have this at Brookhaven because we know the gift of life cannot be undervalued by anybody, and the child that's going to be born has the right to be born healthy.

Further than that, some of our clients have experienced miscarriage, even repeated miscarriages. Some of our clients have had abortions. These carry a whole parcel of grief with them; it is often ignored by themselves and society, but has a huge bearing on their emotions and their feelings.

And so we deal with those grieves very seriously and try and bring those into a healthy place so that the person cannot just forget it happened or be told to ignore it, but accept it has happened, that this is something that has been a part of their life and again, to find a place that's healthy for them; mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, so that they can move on and continue to love life themselves and love the life of others and continue to be welcoming to any other children that are in their lives.