Why is an all female facility special?

The camaraderie and support that women give to each other, when together, forms the drum beat and pulse of progressive recovery.

An all-female facility and program nurtures total honesty in core processing groups.

It allows for less distraction and less emphasis on physical appearance.

The atmosphere is more conducive to rebuilding self esteem and confidence.

The issues facing women today such as domestic violence, ability to earn less in the workplace, sexual vulnerability, and difficulty in obtaining home ownership are addressed and planned for in great detail.

The usual responsibilities as the primary care provider of dependent children and the risks and dangers of parenting under the influence of alcohol or drugs are specifically addressed in their application to women.

Many parents, husbands and partners feel much safer with their loved ones in a gender specific facility.

Many employers desire gender-specific issues from within the workplace to be addressed during treatment.

Women with a sexual trauma, sexual addiction or a history of sexual harassment require treatment by female professionals only.

Women who have failed in other co-ed treatment centers feel they would have greater success in a gender-specific program and facility.

Women who have failed in another program due to a liaison with a male patient are more likely to succeed at a women-only facility.

The wellness part of the program is specific to female needs such as routine Pap smear, breast check, and pregnancy testing.

Outdoor activities are geared to female rather than male strength.