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Betsy Martin, Human Resources Director

Betsy has 25 years experience in the human resources field, working in both specialist and generalist roles in many types and shapes of organizations - public, private, non-profit, governmental, and faith-based. Her primary focus areas have been in organization development, talent management, and process design and consulting. Betsy has a wide range of experiences, from facilitating strategy planning and development to designing and implementing leadership development academies to leading outdoor learning experiences for groups of all ages. Key skills include resourcefulness, process management, and versatility. At Brookhaven, she is serves as an employee resource and advocate and ensures a sound, fully compliant human resource management program.

Why did I choose this profession?

I have a card hanging on my bulletin board that's been with me for a long, long time. It shows an old, much-used scrub brush. Below the picture, it reads, "You may see a brush. But in 1968 Joe Saltzer, a cleaner working for NASA, saw it differently. When asked by a visitor what his job was, Joe replied, 'I'm helping to put a man on the moon.'" I believe that organizations and leaders that harness the potential for employees to commit to something bigger than themselves will be the organizations that not only last but become great. I'm driven to support and enable that potential for individuals, leaders, and organizations.

Why do I think Brookhaven Retreat is right for you or your loved one?

How often in this life can you be in a place and time where you can focus on nothing other your heart, your soul, your mind, and your body? At Brookhaven, you won’t just get clean or get refocused – you can become more wholly you than you’ve ever imagined possible. The entire staff is dedicated to not just getting you through a rough space but sending you back into your world strong and healthy – and ready!

What is my passion?


What is my biggest fear?

Fear. No kidding – fear is such a debilitating place to be.

I live by this rule.

Offer your hand. Be kind. Clear paths. Laugh. Dance. Sing.