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Arun Jethanandani, M.D.

Why did I choose this profession?

I come from a family of doctors. First, I wanted to be either an OBGYN or Surgeon, however, those can be difficult to get into due to being highly competitive. I then decided to go into psychiatry and after the first year fell in love, I was able to plant seeds and watch them blossom. I have been in psychiatry for 24 years now and have had the opportunity to go into OBGYN or Surgery but donít have the desire. I have worked on an inpatient psychiatric unit for 17 years and have my own private practice.

Why do I think Brookhaven is right for you or your loved one?

What makes Brookhaven Retreat right for your loved ones is the intensity of treatment. Our multidisciplinary treatment team is dedicated, passionate, and works with the client to evoke change. We offer a variety of treatment modalities and twenty-four hour psychiatric coverage including psychiatrist, nurse practitioners, therapists, nurses, and close care providers. The program structure is one of a kind, working on mental health and substance abuse issues together, helping patients develop in-depth insight and healthy coping skills.

What is my passion?

People as a whole, seeing them reach their potential.

What is my biggest fear?

Children and adults not having a full and content life of their choice, primarily secondary to lacking resources.

I live by this rule.

Peace of mind, ethics, and to be fearless.