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Marta Finnegan, Program Director MA Counseling, BA psychology

Marta has over ten years of experience in the field of substance abuse. She has worked primarily with adults and has focused on dual diagnosis counseling for the last two years. She has worked in all levels of substance abuse treatment. Marta has served as the clinical manager of a detox unit as well as an aftercare therapist. She holds a masters degree in counseling with a focus on mental health from Webster University in Jacksonville, FL.

Marta has an eclectic therapy style. She utilizes techniques from a wide variety of orientations. Marta utilizes cognitive behavioral techniques, Gestalt techniques, Reality therapy techniques - all with a flavor of a humanistic approach. She enjoys using experimental techniques in her therapy and has begun to facilitate interventions using the Johnson technique. Additionally, Marta is certified in ropes course.

Why did I choose this profession?

I always knew that I wanted to be in a field that helps others. When I first worked in the field, I did not think I wanted to work in substance abuse, but after one month of working in this field, I realized this was my niche.

Why do I think Brookhaven is right for you or your loved one?

We have such a soft touch with the most dedicated staff I have ever seen. We're all passionate about what we do.

What is my biggest fear?

I'm terribly afraid of birds – particularly peacocks.

I live by this rule.

Things happen the way they are supposed to. I'm also very focused on having healthy boundaries and balance in my life.

Rachel Bingham

Mona Blanton-Kitts , Primary Therapist Licensed Clinical Social Worker/LCSW

Why did I choose this profession?

Working with others is energizing and rejuvenating for me. It is challenging and fulfilling to make a difference in another personís life and to know that you have given them a part of you to take with them where ever they may go.

Why do I think Brookhaven Retreat is right for you or your loved one?

The clinical program is comprehensive, holistic and results oriented. It is designed to promote a caring, professional culture that is focused on the unique issues of the women we serve. The women are met with open arms and compassionate staff who dedicate their lives to helping others.

What is my passion?

My role as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

I live by this rule.

I am an open minded person who believes in promoting individual rights and dignity. I believe that all persons should be treated with respect and that everyone is truly created equally.

L. Tony Jones

Tony began professionally handling horses at the age of 40 following a life long love of horses. After studying the infamous techniques of J. Lyons, P. Parelli, M. Roberts and Sam Powell, Tony applied these extraordinary teachings and has trained numerous horses and horse owners all over East Tennessee. Tony's goal at Brookhaven is to invite clients to develop a working/playing relationship with horses through encouragement and trust, while speaking the language of equine through patience, kindness and integrity.