How Did the “Crackberry” Get Hold of Me?

I think technology is very useful and wonderful for many things. I cannot imagine what I would do without email now. No waiting around to consider if a letter reached it’s destination. Globally I can get information to almost anybody and know it has arrived.

How did I ever run a business withot a cell phone and how great I thought I was once when I had an answereing machine. The cell phones got better and better with all that on the road convenience. I could be anywhere and could call and be called. It certainly made me become the supreme multi- tasker.

I finally got a blackberry and the calls lessend but the notes increased. Instant answeres, immediate responses, written recall. So many advantages.

The text messages started to increase for those in meetings and those that preffered not to talk but a withdrawal from face to face relationships started too.

I have a friend who will not communicate except by text. In fact her record for texts for one month is 10,000. She recently told me she is getting married to a man who she has only met twice but their relationship was fostered by text messaging. I wonder are they going to live in the same house yet text message instead of talk.

I have another friend who cannot sleep at night waiting for her blackberry to ‘ping’ In fact sleeplessness is becoming a great issue for those with crackberry syndrome. For some it is so bad they are having to go to the doctors to get sleep medication so they can try to switch off to the anticipation of the next ‘ping’. Trouble is they don’t fall asleep until 3-4 in the morning and still have to be up at 6.30 am to get ready for the conference call at 7am.

When somebody is so sleep deprived they cannot function in the day-time, so guess what, they have to get something else from the doctor to keep them awake.

I can see relationship management is going to be a huge issue going forward and the hardest person you are going to have a relationship with is yourself because before you realize it you have fostered co-dependancy on crackberry.

I just am not going to do it. It is hard enough for a woman to be self regulating in all aspects of her life without now being totally controlled by technology. We have heard of internet addiction but now we are pretty close to text and email addiction.

So I’m going to really think about this subject and set myself some rules. There is going to be no quiet self time unless I do this. As I am thinking about this I look out of the window of my car and guess what I see… the woman in the next car texting as she is driving.

It’s the same old story, too much of a good thing has a very dark side. Women will be having to detox off technology tools soon just like shopaholics and workaholics. Yes it could be another compulsive habit that can take you to an edge of a precipis.

I am going to put myself on a time slot of when I can receive and send. I wonder if I will have withdrawals?

Maybe I need to take a month off with no technology to find out who I am. I maybe lost in Cyberspace and do not even know it. By the way ,what is my name, everybody knows my email.


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