Slow. Quick, Quick. Slow.

I just love “Dancing with the Stars”, all that emotional expression. Life really is a dance and everybody has a different rythem.

When I know a woman who is occasionally explosive I call her a “Tango Queen”. These women just love drama . They can move along nicely for a while in a very precise style; then we get the throw back gesture of the Tango. Suddenly everything is a huge big deal, but the trouble is nobody knows what the crutch of the dramatic episode was really all about. Suddenly they pull up and everything is smooth again.

Emotional steadiness is a gift. The fall out that comes with extremes of mood can leave you numb.

What about the woman that is all full of energy, getting everything done and then suddenly won’t get out of bed. Unpredictable means you have no life either. Treading on egg shells is hard work. I asked Erin what it was like to live in a “slow slow, quick quick, slow” life dance pattern. She told me it was awful for her because she just could not achieve consistency. Because of the extreme mood differential, Erin decided to see a doctor as she felt she was not like anybody else in her family. After a number of visits she was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder. Erin got on the proper medication and it transformed her life; along with the education of how broad the curve of bi-polar disorder is.  You have to know and really understand your own curve to understand and manage the illness.

I feel most sorry for those with extreme anxiety affecting their mood as they are permanently doing the “Jitter-bug”.  This type of woman just cannot settle and is often overwhelmed by fear to the point she can go into extreme panic attacks. To a person having a panic attack they can almost feel like they are on the verge of death; so in their dance they have to learn the techniques of moving the Jitter-bug to a safe place.

Me, I am a waltzer. I like my life to be “One, two, three.  One, two three.”  I have learned to keep my mood, whatever it takes, in a simple space.

I don’t want complicated or abusive relationships.  An ivory tower or the latest mercedes can’t hide pain.  Secrets and lies are one of the greatest sources of anger, frustration and mood imbalance.

Slow and steady may not be the most entertaining but it often wins the race. It may not mean dancing with the stars, but neither are you dancing with fire.

Unburden yourself form yesterdays ’stuff’ as much as you can. You never see good dancers wearing backpacks. Emotional caravans that you pull along make you loose your step.

As spring comes along put that “spring” back in your step by really deciding what kind of dancer you want to be.  Then dance the dance of your life.


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