LIFE- Childhood Game or Reality?

As a child, my favorite game was the game called “LIFE”. I loved being able to fantasize about my dream career, the country club lifestyle, glittered with diamonds, and luxury SUVs packed with precious, well-behaved children, In the game of “LIFE”, you could be or do anything that you wanted. Whether it was capturing the man of my dreams, the job that would make millions, or being the best mom, I could be it, I could do it.  All I had to do was move my plastic SUV around a colorful maze, and in 45 minutes, I had it; my game of LIFE was exactly how I wanted it. I have many nostalgic thoughts of the content I found in the board game of LIFE and the desire to recreate my Milton-Bradley fantasy to reality. I had my future, my LIFE all planned out.

In the reality of my LIFE, it seems to have worked out the same way. I had my ideal career, making beacoup bucks. I met the man of my dreams, my knight in shining armor, and now I have the children that any mom would definitely wish to have. I have retired at age forty from a well-desired position at an elite law firm and now my days consist of tennis, boot-camp classes, shopping, and running the children from football to ballet.  If this were the game that I enjoyed as a child, I would definitely be considered successful, the winner.

The irony of it all is that I took more of an active role in my childhood game of LIFE than in my current day to day. I have become a passive component in my “dream” life. Why is that? Why do I not want to take part in my life? Why do I prefer to stand on the outside looking in? It’s almost like I live my life in third person, a stranger in my life. I am no longer moving the plastic SUV in the game of LIFE; I have now let autopilot take control of the outcomes of my reality. Now realizing this truth, where do I go from here? How do I become an active factor of my life again? How do I start again when I am already half way finished with the game?

For many women this is a common reality. Childhood wishes and dreams outlining the future of our lives.  This mold to be the best, have the best, and continually desire more. On the outside, you look like you have it all; the car, the house, diamonds, money, great family, successful career, but something is missing, YOU. Selfish as it might sound to others, to desire more than what you have been blessed to have, but for those that are a passive component in their LIFE, it becomes a life saving desire or instinct, to actively live. Unfortunately, unlike the game of LIFE, in reality you cannot pause or restart the game. You can choose to take control of your life, your future, and your happiness. To be a winner in the game of LIFE, one would have great material wealth and surface happiness. Granted you might have the luxury SUV, the house, jewelry, everything that you have wanted, but with out taking an active stance in your life, you will drift in and out without the true joy of experiencing each day and knowing who you truly are.


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