Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Brookhaven Retreat women-only?
A: Research has shown that when people enter co-ed facilities, they often make relationships with are carried on after treatment and can perpetuate addiction. Additionally, a women-only facility has proven more effective for those who have been the victim of sexually harmful experiences and abusive relationships, which need to be resolved for a successful recovery.

Q: Will my stay be kept confidential?
A: All clients' names, treatment and release information is kept absolutely confidential. Additionally, Brookhaven Retreat is secluded on 48 acres of pastures and woodlands and security cameras monitor all entrance and exit doors to prevent unwanted visitors and uninvited guests.

Q: Do patients have private rooms?
A: Brookhaven Retreat offers semi-private rooms upon initial admission and some may move into a private room upon advancement in their treatment. Research has shown that a client's experience is richer and fuller when they have a roommate.

Q: Are there visitation hours?
A: Clients may have visitation once per week and on designated holidays, once they have met with their primary therapist and appropriate visitors have been authorized.

Q: Can I smoke?
A: Yes, tobacco smoking is allowed in a designated smoking area outside the building.

Q: Can I use the telephone?
A: You will be able to use the phone to call approved loved ones. You will work with your therapist in identifying who is on you approved call list. Any other calls must be discussed and approved with your primary therapist. Your close care provider will assist you and remind you of phone time and time limits.