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beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

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The Power of a Good Lipstick

Thursday, 06 October 2016 00:00  by Christina M.

lipstick blog

Think of your morning routine: waking up, stretching, eating your breakfast, and then your daily hygiene. I have a vanity that I get ready in front of that has all sorts of creams, powders, perfumes and lipsticks that are part of my morning routine. Lately I have started adding in a step, wearing makeup or just a lipstick when I’m running errands or cleaning the house. The most intentional part of my day is stopping what I’m doing to take a moment to pause. No, I’m not advocating self-obsession, but suggesting you find ways to be mindful and intentional in acknowledging yourself in your everyday. When you look in the mirror in the mornings do you stop and take notice of the person you see?

The simply act of putting on lipstick, moisturizer, or whatever product you choose, can give you a moment to make affirmations for the day. Although a new shade can give confidence, often times it is when you put it on and acknowledge yourself that you are gaining confidence. Try adding this to your morning routine: look at yourself, acknowledge who you see and move forward (notice how I did not say what, you are not a “what”). We say hello to friends and family, and make eye contact to start an interaction, yet sometimes we need to center ourselves and make an intentional effort to great who we are.

All too often we think negative thoughts or believe degrading things about our identity and self worth. Taking time to look yourself in the eye and intentionally start the day can help you conquer many barriers, such as depression, grief, or paranoia. That new lipstick shade may be beautiful, but the true power of confidence and genuine strength comes from you!

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