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beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

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Watercolor Mindfulness

Friday, 02 August 2013 20:13  by Allison A.

This week’s art therapy intervention uses the watercolor technique of paints on wet paper. This is a great technique for being present in the current moment and mindful of the various senses that are used in this activity. Because of this, it gives us a break from our thoughts, releases anxiety and depression, and engages our intuitive power. You may use soothing music to complement this activity.


  • Watercolor paints: paint tubes or a dry set. (Note: If in tubes, prepare these on a paint palette for easy access in the moment.)
  • Large and small brushes
  • Watercolor paper that will absorb water
  • A space that will not be ruined with lots of water on the surface
  • Music

Begin by wetting the entire paper with a large brush. You may wet both sides so that the paper sticks to your table and doesn’t move around. You do not want puddles on your paper, just for the whole paper to be damp. Now, begin to use the color by dipping a small or large brush in the water and then the paint.

Start to paint, allowing for the colors to spread along the water on the paper. Continue painting and let the colors mix. Notice the feeling of your hand grasping the brush, the feelings of the brush touching the paper. Notice the sounds around you and as you paint. Watch the colors swirl and spread. See the colors change as they meet each other. Keep your awareness to your senses as you continue to paint.

Do not be discouraged if the result is something not beautiful to look at. This activity is more about the process and the experience of being in the moment. Continue to practice this technique for mindfulness as you see fit in your day!

Color your world,

Allison A.

Last modified on Friday, 02 August 2013 20:18

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