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beauty in life worth living
beauty in life worth living

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Love, Love, Love

Saturday, 14 February 2015 00:00  by Jacqueline Dawes

Isn’t this the word we love and hate the most? I do not believe that only one special day should be a love fest. Like Naomi Campbell, the beautiful super model who advocates that each day should be a love day, I too firmly believe if you feel love towards something each day dark cloudy moods that could swing over to the dark side of depression can be held a little closer to the light.

We always want love to be about a person but sometimes our trust is broken and the anxiety cannot accept any human affection as genuine, so we have to go with nature.

I find touching things found easily in nature such a huge stress relief. Picking up rocks and throwing them into the creek, collecting pine cones to make seed feeders with peanut butter for the birds and hanging them off the trees, rubbing my hands over bumpy tree barks to name a few. Just becoming mindful of what is around our basic environment and using those things to make us feel back in touch with life itself can even allow OCD to settle back for a while.

I love February because I sense nature being reborn and regenerating for another phase of life and each organic bloom from the snowdrop to the forsythia, laying their clean colors out to start the tapestry of the landscape. To me, nature is the greatest expression of love. And anything that brings a smile to my face and has the ability to instantly lift my mood is all we need in life.

If you have not had time to stop and smell the roses in the last year, please take the time to watch Spring be born this year.

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