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Tuesday, 22 July 2014 00:00

How To Enjoy a Rainy Day

Written by Emily S.

There is a lot of focus on the importance of enjoying the summer sunshine and getting outside in nature to boost mental health! But we often forget that summer also means a lot of rain, rain and more rain. It can be hard to stay happy and positive on those gloomy, wet days that regularly ruin our outdoor plans.

Although fighting the rainy day blues is a challenge, it is not impossible. There are many relaxing and enjoyable ways to get the most from your rainy day.

  1. Be mindful: The rain is actually a beautiful thing. It brightens the colors of the leaves and darkens the soil. Listening to the rain drizzle down the window or the low rumble of thunder in the distance can be soothing. So during a rainy day, practice mindfulness and note all the colors, noises and smells that rain brings.
  2. Invite friends over: If your plans with friends have been postponed, invite them over for a real “rain check”. There are some great indoor activities that can be even better with the addition of friends including playing a board game, doing a craft project or watching a comfort movie.
  3. Read a book: Rainy days are the ideal excuse to cuddle up in a blanket next to a window with a good book. Reading is an excellent stress and anxiety reducer. It also stimulates creativity and can improve brain function. When it is too rainy to get outside take advantage of the many benefits of getting lost in a book.
  4. Bake: When you’ve been rained in try stimulating all of your senses by baking up one of those bookmarked recipes you’ve been wanting to try. Baking is a wonderful de-stressor and has been shown to fight depression and anxiety.
  5. Write a letter: These days, handwritten letters are hard to come by. Unfortunately e-mails and text messages have replaced pen and paper. Take this opportunity to write letters to important friends and family. Letter writing is not only great for your own emotional health, but is a small gesture that brings great joy to others.
  6. Cleanse your thoughts: Rain washes away impurities and can leave the Earth feeling clean and new. If a rainy day is bringing down your mood, imagine that it is washing away your anxieties, stress and depression.

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