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Thursday, 29 January 2015 00:00

Our Different Learning Styles

Written by Lori R.

Montessori School has some interesting teaching methods. My son attended Montessori for two years of pre-school and his kindergarten year, and I can still see the effects of Montessori on how he learns now. He likes to learn by doing. He doesn’t want a lecture or a book to read. He might briefly watch an instructional video then go at the task on his own; trying, perhaps failing, and trying again. For collision repair, this seems to work well for him and I have been very proud of the cars and motorcycles with his name attached as the paint and body technician. All those frustrating years of trying to get him to read were in vain, but he has emerged with brilliant talent in his chosen art.

Technically, there are considered to be seven styles of learning, or “multiple intelligences.” It is understood that humans all have different preferences and/or strengths in these seven areas. defines the seven styles as:

  • Visual (spatial) – preference for using pictures and images
  • Aural (auditory-musical) – preference for sound and music
  • Verbal (linguistic) – preference for words in speech and writing
  • Physical (kinesthetic) – prefer to use body, hands and sense of touch
  • Logical (Spock. Just kidding… Mathematical) – preference for logic, reasoning and systems
  • Social (interpersonal) – prefer to learn in groups/with other people
  • Solitary (intrapersonal) – prefer to work alone and use self-study

I am definitely a verbal learner, and my son is a physical learner. His favorite school lesson that he remembers from second grade was pouring a bucket of water down the hill on the playground dirt to see the effects of erosion. Sheldon of the television series Big Bang Theory would be a logical learner, while every kindergarten student in America is at one time or another an auditory learner as they sing the alphabet song, numbers songs, President songs, and various nursery rhymes.

It isn’t just history or information or career skills that we need to learn by using these seven styles. There are times in our lives that we encounter trauma, loss, stress, conflict and illness. The seven styles still apply as we learn coping skills, relaxation, and therapeutic remedies such as distress tolerance and emotional regulation. For those suffering from depression, anxiety, addictions or have a dual-diagnosis, Brookhaven Retreat offers comprehensive recovery therapy using all seven learning styles. Core therapy groups, individual therapy, art therapy, reflexology, solitary projects, and equine therapy are just a few of the methods employed at Brookhaven Retreat to accommodate all seven learning styles. Call one of our representatives to see how Brookhaven Retreat can help you learn how to create a life worth living.

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We are a private pay treatment center and do not accept any type of insurance. Costs associated with care are the responsibility of the client.